Things you can get away when you are legally blonde

Is life easier when you are legally blonde? Lots of the girls here at London escorts think that being a blonde is a disadvantage but that is no true at all. I have been a blonde most of my adult life, and I cannot see what the problem is with being a blonde. Sure a lot of guys think that you are going to be dippy. Well, I have never met a dippy blonde in my entire life. All of the blondes that I know are actually rather savvy. The only thing is they act like silly blondes.

Do you get away with being a silly blonde these days? Yes, you can certainly get away with being a silly blonde, and playing up my blondness has helped me a lot. It has got me out of numerous parking tickets and many other problems. To be honest, it seems like even brunette ladies feel sorry for blondes like me, and help us out. The girl who looks after me in the bank is a brunette, and I think that she helps me a lot more because I am a blonde.

So, what about my gents at London escorts? Do they appreciate my blondness? The truth is that a lot of gents still like to date blondes. They think that we are extra sexy and a bit dippy at the same time. Do I play on it when I date at London escorts? Yes, I do and I would be silly if I did not. I think all blondes who work as escorts in London should learn how to play on their blondness. You really get some great tips and you can do well for yourself when you are blonde at an escort agency.

Did you know that brunette London escorts get fewer tips? It made me laugh the first time I heard it but it is true. When you are brunette, you do get fewer tips. The blondes at this escort agency always get better tips and presents. I am not sure why that is, but one of my gents may have the solution. He says that he sees brunettes as practical people and that is why does not date them. Apparently there is nothing practical about me at all. Of course, there is but it is an act that I am putting on. That shows you how much he knows.

I have probably ruined it for all of the blondes out there, but it is okay. Most gents and brunettes will probably not believe what they have read anyway, and will carry on believing what they choose to believe. That is fine with me as it serves a purpose if you like. But the next time you make a date with a blonde at London escorts, you may want to think twice. Is she really that dippy or is it all an act? You never really know, and maybe this is the reason why there are so many great blonde actresses out there. We put on such a good act that you become convinced that we are blonde and dippy.

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