My secret affair with a celebrity

Many years ago I enjoyed a secret affair with a celebrity. According to the papers, he was dating a model from Ilford escorts of at the time. However, I knew that they had met once at a party and that was it. I was the one on his life and he treated me like his little princess. Nothing was too much trouble and he seemed to genuinely appreciate me.
The world of celebrity was very far from my lifestyle and I now know that my “normal” world had attracted him to me in the first place. He liked to watch the TV and go for walks. Normal life wasn’t too bad and nobody recognized him in the supermarket, we had a great time together but never talked about a future. Soon, celebrity life came calling and he moved to Los Angeles to make a movie. I heard from him for a little while, but then he left my life forever. Perhaps it had just been an act after all.
Celebrity secrets
We have all been attracted to celebrity life styles and wondered what it would be like to be a celebrity. My secret affair with a celebrity started at a party at a London gallery. I have always been a keen amateur artist and having my art in this particular gallery was a fantastic opportunity. But, I did not realize that my entire collection had been bought by one person until he stood behind me, and said “Hello, I bought all your stuff.” Of course, I recognized him straight away and this was the start of a beautiful romance.
The romance only lasted for three months but during that time he made me feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. He completely swept me off my feet, never having had that happen to me before, I felt my spirit lift and soar. Was I a genuine love interest or just a girl to keep him company during a rainy autumn in London? Somehow, I could not see, or even imagine the future, so I decided to just live for now. Looking back I am glad that I did.
During our three months together, we managed to fit in many things into our lives. We dined out, enjoyed private jet travel and sunned ourselves at exotic locations. He was always a man and never asked for anything in return. Nothing was really expected of me and he just seemed to be happy to let me co- exist in his little world. He paid for everything when we were together and I always enjoyed his company. I must admit at one stage I thought this was it and we would get married, but I never dared to believe that this was more than one of those whirlwind romances that you hear about on Ilford escorts.
After a couple of months I realized that there was a lot more to his celebrity lifestyle. He was at best an erratic sleeper. Whenever I opened my eyes during the night, he was either not in the bedroom or just starring back at me. He explained that he did not need a lot of sleep but I always wondered why. One day, I found out the truth. This lovely man had a drugs habit and it was not is overactive mind that kept him awake. In fact, it was his habit that pushed him over the edge and back into the abyss of celebrity life once again.

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